How we got fifty 5* reviews for in 30 days!

As part of our strategy to boost’s online presence, we focused on enhancing their client interaction to secure a substantial increase in five-star reviews within a 30-day timeframe. Here’s how we approached the challenge:

Automated yet Personalised Follow-Up: We implemented an automated system that triggered personalised follow-up messages post-service completion. This system was designed to not only thank clients for choosing us but also to gently nudge them towards leaving a review based on their experience. The key was to make each message feel individualised and sincere.

Optimal Timing for Review Requests: Understanding that timing plays a crucial role, we meticulously analysed our client interaction data to pinpoint the optimal moment for review solicitation. We discovered that clients were most receptive to leaving reviews right after receiving confirmation of successful interaction with us, i.e. an onboarding call.

Educating Our Team: We conducted training sessions for our sales executives and legal professionals, focusing on the importance of reviews and the right way to ask for them. By embedding the request into their natural communication with clients, it felt more genuine and less intrusive.

Addressing Challenges Head-on: We acknowledged that the team often find it hard to ask for reviews due to time constraints and the nature of their work. To counteract this, we streamlined the process, making it as easy as possible for our team to request reviews without it feeling like a burden to their workload.

Feedback Mechanism and Quick Resolution: Before pushing for reviews, we established a system to capture client feedback internally first. This allowed us to address any negative experiences promptly and prevent them from translating into poor online reviews. It also gave us the chance to convert satisfied clients into advocates by then inviting them to share their positive experiences online.

Clear Messaging and Incentivisation: We crafted clear, concise, and compelling messages for our review requests, explaining the importance of client feedback to our practice. While direct incentives for reviews are frowned upon, we ensured clients felt appreciated and understood the value they were providing by leaving feedback.

Utilising Client Relationships: Leveraging the strong relationships built by our solicitors, we personalised review requests to reflect the specific service each client received, which significantly increased the likelihood of them leaving a review.

Through these strategic efforts, we were able to significantly increase our five-star reviews on This not only improved our online reputation but also contributed positively to the trust new clients placed in us.

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