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"In our first month with Conveyancer Plus, we recorded an average net fee of £857 for each instruction they sent us. This is one of a kind"

Our results for our partner law firms

Below is a snapshot of what our partner law firms have experienced, by working with Conveyancer Plus

Avg. Net Legal Fee per Case
£ 0
Avg. Lead to Instruction Conversion
0 %
Avg. ROI Achieved
0 %
Avg. Lead Engagement
0 %
Avg. Monthly Calls made
Avg. Monthly Emails sent
Avg. Monthly SMS's sent

How are Instructions Generated?

Our fantastic team of digital marketers and conveyancing sales professionals have refined the way that conveyancing instructions are delivered to you. 
First of all, our experienced marketing team works for your firm to generate good quality enquiries through a number of different channels. 
Our conveyancing sales team and technology take over in converting those same enquiries into qualified, vetted instructions providing 100% commitment that the client has instructed your firm to handle the conveyancing work. 
We save firms £10,000’s a month from employing their own marketing staff, hiring agencies and sales professionals, not to mention the additional tools required to quote and convert each lead. 
This is a one of a kind solution that brings together the missing piece when your firm is looking to invest in marketing – your conversions! 

ConveyancerPLUS works with you and for you exclusively to grow your firm month on month.

What we do for our Law Firms

Generate Leads

Our Digital Team generates high-quality, exclusive organic conveyancing leads directly for your firm via a number of specific marketing channels.

Conveyancing Sales

Our concierge team boasts an average conversion rate of over 33% from lead to instruction. The industry average is thought to be an estimated 8-12%.

Custom-Built CRM

Our quoting tool, enquiries follow-up sequence, marketing analytics, and sales management platform connect our array of services together.

Google Review Boost

We have automated a way to generate an increased number of 5* google reviews for your firm without any effort. This is all-inclusive with our service.


Property Surveys

We help our firms with additional services that can add to the client's home buying experience by offering one of the most competitive prices for surveys in the UK.

Homemover Plus

We incorporate additional services to make life easier for the average home buyer. Removals, Insurances, Change of Address Services - we do it all for free!

HomeMover Protect

We offer £1,500 worth of insurance cover to each buyer and seller should their transaction fall through. This allows our partner law firms to charge £150 plus VAT as an abortive cost. 

The Four Weeks Panel

Four Weeks completes chain-free freehold transactions within 4 weeks. Guaranteed. Our law firms receive £1000 net per transaction. 

Lead Conversions

If you are purchasing leads from the likes of Really Moving or Pin Local and are not seeing the results you had hoped for. Give us a try! We have had some fantastic results.


Conveyancer agency or panel?

We are neither. We are in a fortunate position where we can combine both together to generate excellent quality instructions.
Our approach to generating the leads is similar to that of a marketing agency, just without the extravagant cost. Remember, marketing agencies are not experts in generating conveyancing-specific leads and will normally tell you that it will take 3 to 6 months to see anything worthwhile – while you are left paying a large monthly retainer. 
We have developed our own market-leading communications strategy normally seen by the panel manager approach for our sales team to help convert those enquiries into vetted instructions.

Our experience building one of the fastest growing conveyancing panel management companies in the UK, and working at management board level for a largely conveyancing-based solicitor’s practice for a combined 7 years has set us on the right path to perfect the Conveyancer Plus offering! 
We are not a comparison firm and so we do not need to worry about driving a low legal fee in order to win business. We generate each firm’s leads exclusively in an organic fashion so net legal fees stay high, engagement rate is 15% higher than the industry average and prospective clients have an appetite to speak to someone as quickly as possible. 

Our Partnerships

Can law firms do what we do?

Absolutely. But at what cost? 
Typically we have found that law firms who have set up their own marketing and sales teams have seen costs spiral out of control and there is the added dilemma of ensuring you are hiring the right people, bringing together the right technologies, having the right processes in place, ensuring there is no disconnect between sales and the legal teams, checking that everything is compliant legally and from a GDPR point of view and finally, that money is not being wasted on the likes of Google or Facebook Ads.
Just because you are seeing leads being generated, does not mean you are making money!

As an example, if you were to set up a marketing campaign on google, a typical cost per lead using pay-per-click (PPC) google ads may be in the region of £30. Typically, we work on the ratio that 1 in 5 clicks will lead to an enquiry being generated – so you have already spent £150. Your sales team will take over to convert that lead into an instruction. The industry standard conversion rate is roughly 10%. For a proactive and experienced team using a state-of-the-art CRM and sales management process, you may see that rise to 20%, but not much more. 

This means that you have spent £750 to generate that instruction and unless the legal fee price point is significantly higher, firms will find it a struggle to pay for the extra sales and marketing functions without making an overall loss.  

So, let’s have a quick look at what you would have to do to set up your own sales and marketing departments:


  • Hire a Digital Marketing Expert and Copywriter / Content Creator
  • Create regular content, e.g. blogs, web pages, articles, etc.
  • Create Digital Assets (Images / Videos / Content)
  • Set up Marketing CRM to track Lead Activity
  • Optimise each webpage to rank highly
  • Look out for Google algorithm changes
  • Create high performing landing pages
  • Create high authority backlinks
  • Tweak keywords regularly and assess performance
  • Manage and maintain Google My Business
  • Purchase Leads / List on Directories


  • Invest in an up-to-date Quote Engine & CRM
  • Hire the right sales / new business staff
  • Produce sales and training manuals
  • Set up a defined and clear sales process
  • Be available to clients immediately
  • Be available to clients outside of working hours
  • Invest into regular training session with staff to convert highly
  • Regularly provide objection handling training and call-recording sessions
  • Allocate / hire a senior member to manage team
  • Handle onboarding process for each client

Estimated Cost: £12,500 to £17,500 / month

Conveyancer Plus Case Studies of our Law Firms

We provide monthly reports for all of our law firms so they can see the influence that our marketing and sales team has had on their firm. We factor in data such as the number of phone calls made, leads generated, emails sent, conversion, and total estimated net fees from our conversions.

We also think it is important to highlight the cause of leads that did not convert to help with our training and tweaking our campaigns and processes. 

We suggest changes to our partner law firms for the following month to help with a higher conversion rate / net fee based on what each firm is trying to achieve. 

How it works

  • Choose your package below

    Select a package below that meets your requirements. If you are want to know more about what package may be right for you, then feel free to reach out to our team

  • Speak to our team

    Our fantasic team will have a chat with you to run through the next stages and answer any questions that you may have. Our conveyancer onboarding stage requires us to confirm information about your team, where instructions are to be sent to, the lender panels you can work with and any USPs's that may help promote your firm in our marketing campaigns

  • Start your 2 week Free Trial

    Before committing with us, we are offering a free 2 week trial of our service. That means within the 1st 2 weeks, we will be funding your marketing costs from our own pockets. We want to show you what we can achieve in this short amount of time!

  • We set up your firm's marketing campaign

    Our digital marketing team will create a high performing landing page for your firm and allocate ad spend on Google. We will list your firm's USP's on the page as well as some vital information about your firm, e.g. the team and reviews, etc. Our focus over the next few weeks is to keep tweaking this page to achieve a higher click-through rate and generate high-quality organic leads for your firm that require conveyancing services.

  • We generate organic conveyancing leads in your firm's name

    Our Digital Team really come into their own when the landing pages go live. Specific keywords are used in each campaign that we set up and 2 campaigns are never the same. We focus on a variety of different keywords that we know works from years of setting up similar pages for law firms and for market-leading panel managers. A recorded lead is one where a prospective client has filled in the form.

  • We convert those leads into 100% vetted instructions

    This stage is that missing piece that many comparison sites are unfortunately lacking - the bridge between a lead and an instruction. Our conveyancing sales team, made up of conveyancing paralegals, trainees and licensed conveyancers uses a high-performing communications strategy increasing engagement rates with prospects by up to 400% compared with the industry standard. Our CRM has been set up with auto-responders with at least 5 touchpoints going out to the prospect within the first 5 minutes of an enquiry generated from the landing page. There is no system like it! Our team have been trained to follow up until failure and over the years, we have trialed and perfected contact times to get the best responses from prospects. Once a lead is converted and a small initial payment taken up-front from the client, the instruction is delivered by email to the firm.

Our Conveyancer Plus Packages

All of our packages start with a 2-week free trial. We are confident that we will deliver on our promise! 
As standard, all packages are equipped with a free quoting tool for your website (should you wish to set one up!), access to additional services provided by HomeMover Plus and we can help with existing leads that you generate through your website, Really Moving, Pin Local or any similar lead comparison website for no cost.  

Leads Only

Lead generation for your Conveyancing law firm
£ 295 Our monthly fee + Ad Spend
  • Exclusive Landing Page
  • Platform License Fee
  • Auto-responder
  • Direct Notification Request
  • Google Analytics
  • Keyword Research & Backlinks setup

Conveyancer Plus 500

Lead Generation and Conversion plus £500 Ad Spend
£ 500 Our monthly fee + £500 Ad Spend
  • Everything in Leads Only, plus
  • FULL Sales Functionality & Management
  • Notifications on Vetted Instructions
  • HomeMover Protection Insurance for all clients
  • Google Review Booster
  • Property Surveys

Conveyancer Plus 750

Lead Generation and Conversion plus £750 Ad Spend
£ 500 Our monthly fee + £750 Ad Spend
  • Everything in Conveyancer Plus 500, Plus
  • Access to the Four Weeks Panel

Conveyancer Plus 1000

Lead Generation & Sales plus £1000 Ad Spend
£ 550 Our monthly fee + £1000 Ad Spend
  • Everything in Conveyancer Plus 750

Conveyancer Plus Supercharged

Lead Generation & Sales plus OVER £1000 additional Ad Spend
£ 550 Our monthly fee + OVER £1000 Ad Spend
  • Everything in Conveyancer Plus 1000

What our law firm partners say about us!

We are continuing to grow and help firms grow organically along the way! 
After getting to know our partners and liaising with them regularly, we know there is a fantastic demand for our services as firms look to increase their average fees, but still keep costs down operationally. This is what our law firm partners have experienced by working with Conveyancer Plus: 

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