The value of a conveyancing lead is £0 unless its converted. 
Our team will do this for you for free. 

More Clients. No Cost. Compliance-approved. 

For our firms, we have increased Online comparison lead conversion from 8% to 27%Direct website lead conversion from 25% to 58%Referrer conversions from 68% to 94%


Conveyancer Plus provides you with an outsourced sales team, increasing your instruction volumes and building local refer relationships so you can focus on the legal work.

We work with firms to fix issues such as not being able manage leads effectively, the expensive cost of building and maintaining a high-performing sales team, along with the associated costs of investing into tools and training along the way.

Our designated sales agents act as your firm's 'New Enquiries Team', managing each lead through to a qualified and confirmed instruction, to match your ambitions for growth and success.

How does it work?

Step 1

We Generate Leads

Leads are generated - We generate high quality conveyancing leads using a variety of channels

Step 2

We Convert For You

We convert for you - Your outsourced sales team convert leads into instructions with the highest conversion rate in the UK

Step 3

YOU Start Conveyancing

Our clear & easy handover of instructed clients ensures they know exactly what the next steps are!​



Our clear and transparent documentation ensures you remain compliant when using our outsourced service

Dedicated Team

Your conveyancing-trained, designated sales team convert your leads into vetted instructions, in your firm's name

£0 service fee

There is no cost for using our service. ever.

Direct Website leads

Your team pick up your direct website enquiries within 15 minutes of being generated, increasing conversion chances

7 days a week

Your allocated team manages new and existing leads 7 days a week, ensuring nothing is wasted.

Online Purchased Leads

Your team manage leads purchased by online providers, averaging the highest conversion rates in the UK

Referrer Relationships

We build local estate and mortgage broker relationships directly for your firm

AI-based automations

Our communications strategy incorporates AI triggers to increase client conversions while you sleep.

Branded Calls

Your designated 'New Enquiries Team' contact number is branded in your firm's name for extra transparency

Instructed Client Feedback

Clients that have instructed our law firms, using our service

our success depends on your growth

At Conveyancer Plus, we're all about helping conveyancing firms grow - that's our mission.

We don't do pricey retainers or waste your money where it's not going to get you  results, because when you succeed, so do we.

Why choose Our

TEAM For your Growth


Rising Costs Are Killing Great Firms​

As costs rise, firms are looking at ways to save more money while generating more paid clients to sustain growth.
Marketing spend can only be justified by increasing the number of instructions and without the resources to manage those leads correctly and efficiently, marketing spend for the most part is wasted.


A report by Insight6 found the following:

– Only 8% of law firms followed up again with a client after the initial enquiry and where more information was requested, it never reached the client 38% of the time
– 43% of messages left including voicemails did not get a response
– 33% of web enquiries were left completely unanswered
– 22% of reception staff did not answer initial calls with their name

Conveyancer Plus plugs this gaps and ensures every enquiry goes through the full sales cycle until failure, incorporating AI within the email, phone and SMS workflows


Yes. We have some of the best enquiry to instruction conversion rates right now.

On average, we are achieving the following for our partner firms:
– 58% of direct website leads are converting into instructions
– 27% of purchased online comparison leads are converting into instructions
– 94% of introducer leads, e.g. estate agents are converting into instructions

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