Following Up On Conveyancing Leads – 3 Mistakes!

Attracting clients can be challenging – especially in today’s up and down climate. It’s not uncommon that law firms often encounter similar hurdles when it comes to client acquisition.

Through our experience, we’ve identified the same recurring challenges that law firms face when generating new business. To empower your success, we’ve compiled a list of the top three challenges conveyancing-focused law firms face today, along with effective strategies to overcome them. We’re excited to share these insights and hope you find them valuable!

Fortune is in the follow up!

Success Begins with an effective follow-up strategy.

Remember, it’s not up to potential clients to reach out to you – it’s your responsibility to be available and responsive when they are ready to engage and take the next steps.

Following up with clients efficiently after a quote is requested is key. Typically, most law firms will only follow up once, and this normally happens a few hours after the enquiry is made.
Don’t forget – clients (especially first time buyers) will have been prompted to make a quick decision by the agent or broker so engaging with potential clients a few hours after the initial enquiry could be too late! 

Effectively setting up a sales process so you are following up at key times during the working day will increase your success of winning the client. If you don’t already have a sales process in place to follow up enquiries, think about evaluating your existing sales process to pinpoint at what stage you may be losing clients.

Consider these key questions to guide your review:

  1. How promptly do you respond to potential clients?
  2. At what points do potential clients hear from you?


When making a decision on what law firm to engage with, clients will want to find out as much information about the type of service they will experience. Review sites like Google and Trustpilot are heavily relied upon to help their decision as reviews give insight into the type of experience they may encounter.

Positive reviews play a crucial role in enhancing the reputation of your law firm and boosting your ability to secure new conveyancing clients. To maximize their impact, encourage your case handlers to request reviews personally at pivotal moments, such as the exchange point. A phone call can be particularly effective, adding a personal touch just as clients approach the final steps of completion.

Regularly posting genuine, positive reviews not only builds trust but also solidifies the credibility of your brand. Each positive review simplifies the decision-making process for prospective clients, making it easier for them to choose your firm with confidence.

Additionally, it’s vital to address negative reviews swiftly and transparently. Responding constructively shows prospective clients that you are committed to excellence and value feedback, which can turn potential negatives into opportunities for showcasing your firm’s dedication to client satisfaction. If you need help to boost your positive reviews without the need to contact clients, check out the Review Booster, an automated Review tool specifically created for conveyancing clients by clicking the below button!

Dedicated New Enquiries Team

When we consult with firms that are facing growth challenges, one common issue frequently emerges: the absence of a dedicated sales team. Often, new enquiries are handled by administrative staff or, in some cases, a sales team that isn’t effectively managed.

Crafting a robust sales function within a transaction-heavy area of law such as conveyancing is often neglected due to high maintenance, high costs, and a lack of understanding of the requirements for a successful sales strategy. Many firms rely heavily on partnerships with introducers, which can be unstable, depending on the fluctuating experiences of their clients. However, a well-structured sales team can lead to substantial profitability and stability of the onboarding experience.

Consider these points:

  • Are you consistently generating a substantial volume of new enquiries?
  • Do you maximize every enquiry, following up more than just once?
  • Are you tracking your conversion rates from leads to actual clients?
  • Is the issue truly the quality of leads, or could it be an ineffective follow-up strategy?

Remember, the potential value of an inquiry is zero until it becomes an actual client instruction. Merely increasing your marketing spend won’t solve inefficiencies if those leads aren’t managed effectively, risking wastage of your marketing budget.

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